Switching on a healthier and safer future for European cities: ENLIGHTENme

investigates the impact of lighting on citizens’ health and wellbeing

The ENLIGHTENme research project is on a mission to advance the understanding of how indoor

and outdoor lighting affects people’s health and wellbeing, particularly in older populations. The consortium develops innovative, evidence-based recommendations, policies and tools to help both

citizens and city leaders improve public health and wellbeing through good lighting.

A newly released video clip supports the project’s efforts and explores its novel approach. The animated video highlights the need for an enhanced understanding of lighting impacts on health and

wellbeing and explains the particular research interest in older people. Central to this focus are questions such as:

• How can lighting support active ageing?

• How can lighting address specific issues of ageing, such as visual impairment, fallprevention,

cognitive incapacities or social exclusion?

• How can lighting support access to public space and active participation in civic life?

In the three cities of Bologna (Italy), Tartu (Estonia) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands) these questions are being explored through three complementary approaches: qualitative research and engagement to understand the lives of older people, health interventions to determine health impacts of indoor lighting, and the co-design of large lighting installations.

“We are delighted to share this video, which allows us to make the ENLIGHTENme research more accessible and visible to all. With our forthcoming findings we strive to prompt new public lighting approaches in urban areas that puts its citizens centrestage”, says ENLIGHTENmecoordinator Prof. Simona Tondelli of the University of Bologna.

For viewing the new video and reading more about the project, please visit the ENLIGHTENme website. 

It is available in English with subtitles in Italian, Dutch and Estonian. Further updates and

news are also available via the ENLIGHTENme social media channels:

X (formerly known as Twitter): @ENLIGHTENme EU

Linkedln: ENLIGHTENme Project

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